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Rays Gram Lights 57F Wheels and Tires

Rays Gram Lights 57F Wheels and Tires


Selling a set of Rays Gram Lights 57F wheels. They were originally gold in color, but they've painted them a dark gray. Some of the color has chipped off, but nothing another coat of paint can't fix. Not sure the exact weight of the wheels alone, but they are very light one-piece forged wheels. They are being sold with Falken Ziex tires. One of which will go flat if you don't put air in it every few days. Just haven't gotten around to getting it patched. Anyway, overall the rims are in good condition and the tires have about 50% tread left. Rims and tire specs are as follows:

Rears: 17x9.5 with offset +38
Fronts: 17x8.5 with offset +30

Tires are 235/45/17 all around

To buy these Rays Gram Lights Wheels and Falken tires, please call us at 626.329.8425 or email us at info@rx7partstrader.com