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Turbonetics 62-1 Turbo for 93 - 95 Rx7

Turbonetics 62-1 Turbo for 93-95 Rx7


We have a freshly rebuilt Turbonetics 62-1 Turbo with zero miles on it. It is basically in new condition. This turbo is good for making up to 600 horsepower.

The 6201 represents Turbonetics' efforts to produce a premium turbocharger for the engine builder looking for that extra "edge" of power. Based on hand-selected compressor components precisely contoured on computer-controlled machining centers, the 62-1 delivers an honests 10% greater airflow than the standard 60-1.

The turbo specs on the 62-1 turbo is as follows:

P-Trim .96 AR - Journal Bearing

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